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A Guide to mobile broadband and types

Mobile Broadband has become extremely popular across the globe. It is advanced and more of a personal way to stay connected to the Internet. Learn about the latest ranges of mobile broadband below.

    What is mobile broadband?


Home broadband stays in one location (usually home or office e.g) but with mobile broadband you can be out and about. This is great for students, travellers and commuters who want to find a cheap price to match their needs or need Internet access fast. The best part is having the freedom to use the Internet when and wherever you are.

Mobile broadband technology allows you to connect to the Internet through a mobile network such as EE, GiffGaff, 3. You insert a data sim card specifically for Internet use. You can get brilliant deals that save you money in the long run.

Mobile broadband is available in many different devices. Introducing the USB Dongle, WiFi Hotspot, Wireless Router and some of the updated gadgets WiFi Dongle and CarFi.

In some rural areas the network coverage can be weak. A repeater extender is a solution for weak WiFi at home or work, by minimising the black spots while extending your WiFi to a strong and reliable signal. 

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    What is a USB Modem?

There are many types of USB Modems released by big companies. So you can match a specific dongle to your needs. From 3G (21 Mbps) to 4G (150 Mbps) or even unlocked to any sim network provider. 

A USB Modem is a tiny device that plugs into your laptop/ tablet etc. This will then provide you with Internet (but only to one device as it is not wireless). There are more advanced gadgets that provide you with Mobile Internet (if you want to connect more than one device) including Portable Pocket WiFi, CarFi, Wireless Routers and WiFi Dongles. 

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    What is a Wireless Router?

A router is similar to a home wired broadband but works in a different way. You insert a data sim card provided by a mobile phone network: EE etc. This then gives you Internet to your wireless devices such as laptop, smartphone and tablet. A wireless router is great for people that live in rural areas and receive minimum download speeds. It is an alternative for Internet failure. 

There are many advantages to a wireless router. See below for the a few mains specs about a Huawei B315 Router:
- Can connect up to 32 devices (have Internet for all of your gadgets)
-Rapid download speeds up to 150 Mbps (Megabit Per Second)
-Manage and personalise your router through the Huawei App
-A strong 250 Meter WiFi coverage
-A classy design to match your home furniture
-Cheap to purchase 

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    What is a Mobile Pocket wifi?

A Pocket WiFi allows you to instantly get online when and where you want. So if you are on the move or tend to be in multiple locations a day, your hotspot Internet connection will move with you. The pocket-sized device will happily fit in your bag, they are designed to be small for travel purposes . You can connect multiple wireless gadgets (the average connection number for a hotspot is 10 devices). It provides Internet to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, gaming console plus more to any device that connects to the Internet wirelessly. Also send, receive and download information. 

It is more of a personal way to connect to the Internet as you choose who can connect to your hotspot. As for Huawei Hotspots you can constantly examine the battery levels and signal strength by downloading their app onto your phone. 

There are many types of hotspots from  having LTE/ 4G speeds or even providing you with a powerbank function. The battery size also vary from 3 working hours to 10 working hours. Ideal for people travelling abroad, charge your laptop while streaming the web. 

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    What is a CarFi?

A CarFi is a USB device that plugs into the cigarette lighter, then it supplies you and your passengers a 3G/4G Internet connection. You can generally connect up to 10 wireless devices. This includes your laptop, tablet, smartphone, gaming device and any wireless gadget. It is very easy to set up, with no wires or software involved; send receive and download just like home broadband but while on the move.

You simply insert a data sim card (there are many providers including EE, GiffGaff e.g.) then this will enable you to download/upload through the phone network supplying you with a secure and reliable connection throughout your journey. 

Take a look at Huawei E8377 CarFi. Insert any sim card you desire (as it is unlocked), enjoy your instant WiFi connection while examining and managing your CarFi through the Huawei App. 

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    What is a WiFi Dongle?

A Wi-Fi dongle is a step up from a standard USB dongle. A WiFi Dongle provides you with a secure Internet connection with up to 10 devices therefore a USB Dongle only provides Internet to one device. 

You are not stuck in one location, as long as the USB has a power source, you will have Internet connection wherever you are. You can connect multiple wireless gadgets to it including your smartphone, tablet and laptop etc. 

Plug the device into a cigarette lighter adapter to source your own car wifi for your passengers. Also perfect for travellers and commuters who want a cheap but reliable Internet. WiFi Dongles vary from 3G to 4G. These are a great way to save money as you are paying for what you need. A great portable WiFi device as it is small and compact- pop into your pocket when not needed. 

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    What is a Repeater Extender?

A Repeater Extender helps extend your WiFi wireless coverage by receiving your existing WiFi signal, increases it, then transmits the signal. Therefor providing you with a secure and reliable Internet connection. 

In some house holds- your WiFi connection may be very may be very unstable or weak. Using a repeater would help reduce the black spots and provide you with fantastic signal strength. A repeater avoids the need for costly cabling or additional routers, saving you money in the long run. They are very cheap to purchase. These are ideal to help WiFi coverage for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, cafes and any other industry. 

Key Features Include:
-Extremely cheap to purchase
-Simple and quick to set up
-Reduces black spots
-Can double WiFi coverage
-Many models available

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