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ZTE Spro 2 LTE HD Projector + WiFi Hotspot Silver

Pocket WiFi

Introducing the brand new model ZTE Spro 2. Experience HD Projector, LTE Hotspot and Powerbank function with mega fast speeds and a massive battery. An ultimate gadget you need.


What is a zte spro 2?

A ZTE Spro 2 is a highly advanced Mobile Projector that has three main functions including; Wireless Smart Video Projection, WiFi Hotspot and Powerbank function. Portable, compact and sturdy best describe this device. 

A ZTE Spro 2 allows you to get online to the Internet by inserting a data sim card. You can insert a sim card of your choice as it is unlocked, meaning you can use any provider such as EE, ZTE, T-Mobile. Giving you lightning fast speeds up to 150 Mbps (Megabit Per Second). Or watch your favourite film projected onto a screen. A massive advantage is that you can connect your devices to the spro to get fully charged if you are running low on power. Three impressive features, in one device. 


Keep your gadgets fully charged

Running low on power? Stay charged with the ZTE Spro supplying power to your most important gadgets. With it’s massive battery it will charge your devices in no time! Charge your phone/ laptop to work, play and share all day long!

Ideal for business purposes

ZTE Spro is a brilliant piece of equipment that would be ideal for business purposes. Portable; take it with you to work. Personal Hotspot; provides you with a secure Internet access instantly. HD Projector; bring it to your conferences and project your PowerPoint presentation in HD. 

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Flawless 5" touch screen

The best bonus is its 5-inch LCD 720p HD resolution touch screen. You can download the apps of your choice through play store. Also you can remotely use the projector by downloading remote control app to your phone, made easy for your convenience.  

Long Lasting massive battery

The ZTE Spro 2 has an impressive and long lasting battery with a huge capacity of 6300 mAh providing you hours of viewing time or streaming the web.

Portable design Perfect for Weekends away

Take your smart projector on a weekend away with you. Mobile broadband allows you to connect to the Internet in any location you are in. Stay connected wherever you are. Watch movies, stream YouTube, or charge your phone. Enjoy your instant entertainment.

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Projector delivers high definition quality

Have weekly cinema nights with the high definition projector providing you with crisp and detailed images/ videos. This device will not let you down with its powerful sound and extremely reliable performance with DLP (Digital Light Processing) Technology will project an image from 5 inches to 120 inches.

Connect your smart phone or laptop

Providing LTE mega high-speeds to you and your gadgets up to 150 Mbps. Download, stream and have plenty of fun on your travels to work or just chilling at home. You can connect up to 10 WiFi gadgets to your ZTE Spro at once. Share your high-speed connection with friends and family giving you the best Internet experience at home, at work or any place you desire. Connect your phone, laptop, tablet, gaming consoles plus much more!

ZTE Spro 2 LTE HD Projector, Hotspot Specifications

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