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ZTE MF823 4G Dongle White

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The Fastest ZTE MF823 4G Dongle


what is a zte mf823?

ZTE MF823 is a LTE USB dongle that plugs directly into a USB port such as laptops, computers and tablets. All you need to do is insert a data sim card into your dongle, plug and play, then your gadgets will have a secure connection to the Internet. 

A good feature is that you do not have to stay in one location. When you move, your Internet moves. Meaning you can get online at home, at work or any place you desire. 

Ideal for students/ commuters

The USB dongle is portable and your connection moves with you, this is ideal for students and commuters who need a reliable but cheap Internet for their work.

unlocked to any network

Use the data sim card of your choice as the device is fully unlocked. This means you are not locked to a certain provider so you can use the best phone provider in your area. Including EE, GiffGaff and O2.

Super-fast download speeds

Enjoy your instant connection to the Internet as the ZTE MF823 can reach staggering speeds up to 100 Mbps. So while you are on the move download your favourite film, stream videos on youtube or upload and share photos with friends and family.

Internet while abroad!

Share your experience while abroad with friends and family with the MF823, supplying you with a 4G/3G Internet connection. Just purchase a data sim card from the area you are staying in, get online, then you have Internet all through your holiday!

- ZTE 4G MF823 Modem Specifications -

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LTE = Long Term Evolution
LED = light-emitting diode

MSC = mobile switching center
SIM = subscriber identity module

USIM = UMTS subscriber identity module
EGPRS = enhanced GPRS
GPRS = General Packet Radio Service
GSM = Global System for Mobile Communications
UMTS = Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service
EDGE = Enhanced Data Rate for Global Evolution
HSUPA = High-Speed Uplink Packet Access
HSPA+ = High Speed Packet Access Plus
HSDPA = High Speed Downlink Packet Access
LAN = Local Area Network
IP = Internet Protocol